5 Online Tools Every Business Owner Needs

Nov 19, 2020

In today’s technology consumed world, it’s important as a business owner to stay ahead of the curve and remain adaptable. There are hundreds of different tools that are available to business owners to make their lives easier and allow their businesses to run smoother. Here are our 5 recommendations for growing business owners looking to level up the way they operate.

Email Software

 In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020). This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023 (Statista, 2020). With that being said, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to your customers and reach them in their inbox. Whether your business has a storefront or is 100% online, email software can help your business in dozens of ways. You can use email software to send newsletters, company updates, marketing campaigns, sales, and anything else that would require you to contact them directly for free. 

Timesheet Software

Gone are the days of paper punch-ins and old POS systems. These days there are many timesheet apps and software that make tracking employee time low cost and efficient. Having an updated software reduces time spent fixing clock in and out hours, and also gives you the option to make reports, pay your employees, and track expenses. Most of these are low-cost but extremely powerful.

Accounting Software

If you have yet to work with an accountant or finance expert, you should consider downloading an accounting software like Quickbooks. These accounting softwares let you track invoices, expenses, mileage, pay your taxes and everything else you would need to manage the financial side of your business. 

Task Management Software

If you have employees that need to track their tasks online, having a task management software will make your life a lot easier. Not only will your employees have the ability to track their to-do’s online, but you can track your own personal tasks as well. Most of the task management software allows you to make projects, create calendars, and have many other tools that keep your business organized. 

Virtual CFO

A Virtual CFO may not be software, but they’re a remote tool that is invaluable to a growing business. A Virtual CFO takes away the need to hire a CFO full time and pay them benefits, while also providing the same services. Virtual CFO’s handle a variety of tasks like business planning, tax planning, growth strategies, and tracking company revenue. If you have yet to bring on a Virtual CFO, fill out one of our contact forms and get in touch with our lead Virtual CFO.