Leverage The Best Financial Expertise With The Most Cost Efficient Solutions

Whatever your most pressing needs for a CFO, we’ve got you covered!

The best business ideas, innovations, teams ultimately all rely on getting the finances right. Flaws in financial management are the #1 reason that 90% of companies fail. That is equally true for young startups, medium sized traditional businesses and the largest billion dollar corporations.

If you excel in this area, everything else becomes easier, and new possibilities are opened up.

We provide true Virtual CFO Services with a comprehensive menu of solutions to scale with you.

From financial modeling to reporting, preparing to fundraise, and map a successful plan to scale, we’re here to serve you.


Financial Modeling

From initial financial forecasts, to break even analysis and cash flow projections, The Virtual CFO Group can help you get set up for success, budget accurately, evaluate potential pivots, and position you to go fast, or simply strengthen your position and profitability.


Accounting & Reporting

From cleaning up your books and reports, to savvy tax planning, labor cost optimization, creating data rooms for investors and acquirers to helping set a pace for consistent growth, The Virtual CFO Group will prepare defensible and accurate financial statements.

Business Cost Cutting

Whether you are shifting from scaling fast to focusing on profitability, from a physical workforce to a virtual one, needing to improve unit economics and get a better handle on variable expenses, or to reduce tax liabilities and debt, your Remote CFO can do it all.

Fundraising And M&A

Whether preparing for your first pitch, gathering your data for due diligence for a Series B fundraising round or evaluating M&A offers or opportunities, your virtual CFO can help you make the most of your numbers, and present them for the optimal outcome.

Oversight, Transparency, and High-Level Expertise Without the In-House Cost of a Full -Time CFO