Commercial Real Estate & Developers

Success in real estate and developments is all about wielding the money and accounting to your advantage.

Our outsourced CFO services give you an elite financial expert, without the burden of costly accounting firms or in-house salaried staff.

The Virtual CFO Group will help get and keep your real estate company financially strong, take advantage of the best opportunities, and keep growing.

Deep Real Estate Experience

Our team is not only comprised of the best US based accountants, bookkeepers, tax pros and financial consultants, we have years of real estate experience too.

Business Cost Cutting

Regain your competitive advantage by eliminating waste and implementing more efficient ways of operating. Increase your revenues, while retaining more profits.

Financing & Raising Capital

From preparing your accounts and documents to advising on keeping your financial and business credit strong, we’ll optimize you to borrow and raise at the best rates.

Affordable Expertise

Our Virtual CFO services provide the best financial help for modern business, at a fraction of traditional costs. We do the math, so you can do what you are most passionate about.

The Virtual CFO Group Builds a Solid Accounting Infrastructure and Empowers You to Focus on What Matters Most