Start-Ups & Tech

The most successful repeat entrepreneurs and founders know that winning and realizing the vision all comes down to the team.

The ability to raise essential capital, survive, scale consistently and stay ahead of the competition is all about harnessing the best possible talent. The sooner a startup secures a top CFO, the faster, more efficiently, reliably and larger they can grow.

We’re here to help you achieve that. Leverage our connected industry veterans and financial experts at a small fraction of the cost of an old in-house CFO.

These are just some of the ways we can help…

Financial Modeling

From initial planning to exploring new pivots and product lines, to optimizing exits, The Virtual CFO Group is here to help you get it right, with accurate numbers and the organization you need.

Executive Expertise

From instilling essential confidence for your potential investors and partners with an experienced executive to effectively communicating, and consulting on the impact of decisions.

Raising Capital

From analyzing financing opportunities to preparing financials to pitch decks, introductions to great financial resources, and giving your venture extra credibility, we pack in the value.

Business Cost Cutting & Sustainable Scaling

Your virtual CFO will help shred unnecessary costs and waste, optimize profitability, pinpoint cash flow needs, and help plan for sustainable growth.

“Our goal is to show you how to overcome financial obstacles and seize opportunities for growth ”

— The Virtual CFO Group