How to Onboard New Employees Into your Company

Nov 2, 2020

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new employee into your business, especially when they have promising skills to offer the company. When onboarding new employees you want to take a few steps to ensure the process goes smoothly and their adjustment period is seamless. 

Employee Onboarding Procedures

The first place to start is to create employee onboarding procedures that can be used over and over again to save time and money. Many businesses choose to use software or even companies that specialize in employee onboarding, but we understand this isn’t feasible for everyone. If your budget is limited we recommend creating a checklist that can be printed out or tracked in a document on the computer.

If you choose the checklist route it’s easier to create it while onboarding someone or going through a mock onboarding so you track every step. Most checklists include the following:

  1. Prepping and signing new hire forms
  2. Getting a new employee set up on payroll
  3. Distributing any necessary uniforms or supplies
  4. Prepare team introductions 
  5. Collect any finance/personal information needed for your business

Every business has different requirements so you’ll want your checklist tailored to your specific needs. 

Company Dynamic

In the onboarding checklist, we mentioned preparing team introductions. While paperwork and financing are crucial to successfully onboarding an employee, you can’t neglect the social aspect of this process as well. Your newest employee should have the chance to meet the co-workers they directly interact with, as well as all upper management. This process doesn’t need to be completed in one day, but it’s easier to finish this as soon as possible so they are comfortable.

Some businesses will go the extra mile and either host a lunch or break to allow the new employee the chance to mingle and get to know their new co-workers. These are great methods to help make the onboarding process a lot less intimidating for them.

Final Review of Job Requirements 

The last step to onboarding new employees is doing a final review of job requirements and their day to day tasks. They should be introduced to any programs needed to perform their job, as well as any POS or payroll systems. Open the floor to any questions and be patient with your new employee as they begin the process of navigating this new and exciting journey.

Onboarding employees should be an exciting process because you have the opportunity to bring on an employee that can truly make a difference. By having a seamless onboarding process and fostering a strong team of employees, you’re setting your business up for success.

If you need assistance with your onboarding or even understanding if now is the right time to hire a new employee, it’s time to get in contact with us!